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Ämizod makes movies and hot sauces. I know, weird right. For some reason, they just go together. A movie should be like a hot sauce--you anticipate leading up to it, it’s super delicious, but give it time, and it hits you in the face. Finally, it cools back down and leaves you feeling satisfied or challenged.

This isn't like hundreds of other sauces out there like Chalupa or Sriracha. Amizod sauces are gourmet sauces. Some say, "food is merely a vehicle for the saucier"... where flavor is paramount.

As Billy Wilder might say, “Some Like It Hot!” Whether creating sauces or movies, I think the key is to make life a little uncomfortable. Nothing made really well was ever created by being comfortable. That’s why sauces are tastier the hotter they get. Echoing the words of Frank Capra,

”Don’t do trends, create new ones. You have to take risks.“

Now shake the damn bottle and try it!

DRAMA: Smoked Sriracha Blend

Everyone knows about the widely used Sriracha sauce. But, they never made a

smoked it only makes sense to offer that to the world, only BETTER!

This is our signature sauce as it is a well balanced medium-heat made with fermented Red Jalapeños and cane brown sugar. 

Pretty much goes on anything!

SCI-FI: Smoked Habanero Mango Carrot

Mangos have always been a good pairing with habanero peppers, and when combined with carrot and our proprietary spices, its a beautifully colored, sweet and hot balance.

Taking on more of a Belizean style, this blend has a medium-to-hot

kick, but dissipates quickly, allowing you to really enjoy it.

Similar to our Srirhotcha sauce, this pretty much goes with about anything!


CRIME: Smoked Green Jalapeño Cilantro Lime

More on the greener side of the palate, this sauce screams for Mexican

food lovers! It is the perfect addition to tacos or enchiladas.

Made with green jalapeños, it rests in a medium heat and the smokiness of

the applewood really comes through on this one.



Amizod Sauces LOGO1.png

WESTERN: Coffee-Infused Jalapeño/Habanero Blend

We have partnered with Good Citizen Coffee Co. in Nashville to create a very unique blend indeed! The beans naturally create a "Texas-like" flavor

that only made sense to name it after the gun-slingin' genre.

Not only does it cater very well to breakfast dishes, but it leans into the

BBQ direction for fries, brisket or smoked whatever!


THRILLER: Smoked Ghost/Bell Peppers

Newest recipe for those who like it a little hotter...ghost and

bell peppers are terrific together!

With a heat that sneaks up on you after you've had some, but you can't help it...the flavor is so good that you just keep going back for more!

The Bell pepper provides a subtle sweetness for a great balance to this bad boy!


 HORROR: Smoked Scorpion/Ghost/Arbol/Ancho Cherry Blend

A blend of the second hottest pepper in the world, Moruga Scorpion, blended with Ghost, Arbols and Ancho peppers creates dynamite in your mouth!

With the Ancho profile, it makes it fantastic on NACHOS! We've had

a lot of response to this bad boy and requests of making it even hotter,

so we've done just that! Enjoy and...good luck!


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New recipe is being dialed in for adding to our movie genres: ROMANCE...made with Buena Mulata purple peppers, peaches and rose petals. Coming soon!

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